What Is Smoko? Everything You Should Know

Many people don’t know what is smoko in spite of living in urban employment sectors. For beginners, the term smoko plush may sound like a fancy word. But in reality, there is a vast history behind the origination of this term. Today, we will find out everything about what is smoko short for in detail. Here, I have listed down all the possible meanings and translations of the word smoko. Make sure you do not forget to check different smoko times in New Zealand and Australia. Without wasting one more minute, let us understand what is smoko more in-depth.

What Is Smoko?

The term smoko is referred to as a cigarette break from work or any other duty. In simple words, you can say it is a rest period during work. This activity is especially for males only.

You can keep on reading to find out what is smoko Australia.

What Is Smoko In Australia?

In Australia, smoko means a small cigarette break from everyday work or any other duty. It became an institutional symbol of employee rights. But gradually, the government of Australia began to impose strict restrictions about smoko breaks.


This term came into the limelight in early 1865 from the British Merchant Navy. It is an Australian institution and was widely used among navy workers and sheep shearers. Since then, smoko was adopted by many manual laborers and farmers all over New Zealand. They usually involved a cup of tea, some food, and possibly some tobacco too. 

Many non-smokers find smoko as unfair, costly, and very unprotective for health. So, later on the Australian government banned the smoko from its offices in 2016. However, in May 2017, a bill of rights to smoko breaks was again introduced to Parliament. The debate is still going on for traditional smoking break.

As you now know what is smoko slang for, let us now see what time is smoko in our next section.

Smoko Time

Generally, the time smoko is in mid-morning, in which people can eat light meal or some snacks. You must be wondering what time is smoko in Australia? Well, the answer is the same, i.e. mid-morning.

Here, I listed down some snacks that are good for your smoko break.

  • Sandwiches
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Low-sugar muffins

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What Does Smoko Mean In British Slang?

In British slang, smoko means 

What Is Smoko Mean In New Zealand?

In New Zealand, smoko is a rest period during work for tea, a cigarette, or some snacks. It is the plural form of the word smoke.

What Is A Smoko In England?

In England, smoko is a short break or a refreshment period taken during the work for tea, cigarette, or snacks.

What Do I’m On Smoko Mean?

I’m on smoko means that you are on an informal break taken during work such as a coffee or a tea break.

How Long is Smoko In Australia?

In Australia, smoko is usually a 15 minutes short break.

Who Founded Smoko?

Smoko Inc. was first founded by Jeff Yen and is now run by Namanh Hoang.

What Time Is Smoko Normally?

In Australia ‘smoko’ was traditionally used among sheep shearers in reference to a mid-morning break, between breakfast and lunch, which is usually accompanied by a light meal.

Why Do Australians Say Smoko?

Smoko is an Aussie slang for a short break from the daily grind of work. A little moment away from the keyboard and the cubicle to just be yourself, stretch your legs, and your mind.


In my above article, I have discussed everything about what is a smoko in detail. Smoko is a British slang for an informal break. This term signifies a short work break taken during the work for tea or a coffee. In urban sectors, employees take 15 minutes short smoko break within 5-6 hours of working. However, labourers and farmers have smoko break that involves a cup of tea, some food, or tobacco. It became a crucial aspect of their day-to-day lifestyle as it helps them to be energised throughout the workday. Thus, I assume that the concept of what is smoko is cleared by now.

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What is the true meaning of smoko