What Is The Jamal Edwards Cause Of Death? 

Do you want to know what happened to Jamal Edwards? Here we will give you Jamal Edwards cause of death. Jamal Edwards was a British music entrepreneur. Also, he was an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, a youth charity that helps young people set up their own businesses. He was a founder of SBTV, which is an online media platform to discover emerging artists. It was launched by him in the year 2006 and it has helped to launch the careers of many artists. Without wasting your valuable time, let me tell you Jamal Edwards cause of death

What Is The Jamal Edwards Cause Of Death? 

Jamal Edwards cause of death was cardiac arrest after using cocaine and drinking alcohol, a coroner has concluded. Jamal Edwards age was 31 at the time of death. The news was like, the music entrepreneur Jamal Edwards died from a heart attack after taking cocaine and drinking alcohol, a coroner has concluded. 

An inquest held at the West London coroner’s court on Tuesday concluded that the cause of death Jamal Edwards was drug-related. 

After his death, his mother portrayed him as “a beautiful and selfless person” in a statement read to the inquest. She added that since growing up with his family in Action he made it his personal mission to open doors for others to walk through. 

According to a report, after drinking some alcohol with friends, Jamal’s behavior changed and became erratic and he appeared paranoid before he collapsed and became unconscious. Attempts at resuscitation failed and life was declared extinct at 10:36 on 20th February 2022. 

Jamal Edwards died of cancer. No. Now, you know the exact cause of Jamal Edwards death. Jamal Edwards funeral was held in London on 21st February 2022. 

Who Was Jamal Edwards? 

Jamal Edwards was a British music entrepreneur, GJ, and founder of the online R&B/Hip-Hop platform SB TV. He was born on 24th August 1990 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. He spent his early years there before moving to Action, West London, where he lived with his mother Brenda Edwards, his stepfather, Patrick, and his young sister, Tanisha. 

He was a founder of SBTV and along with this, his online platform released a headwear collection on Topman with American Freshman. 

In 2013, Jamal released an ebook called “Self Belief: The Vision: How To Be a Success on Your Own Terms”. This book achieved success and was the number-one bestselling ebook series according to iBook. It said that Virgin books bought the rights for a print edition. 

In 2019, he directed the Chelsea FC remix video for grime artist Capo Lee’s “Style and Swag”. 

In November 2021, Jalam launched the 8BARS app, a groundbreaking platform supporting up-and-coming music stars. Also, the app receives investment from the likes of British rapper Nines, as well as early Spotify investors. 

Jamal Edwards worth at the time of his death was $355 million US Dollars. Well, you know Jamal Edwards cause of death facts.  

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What’s Happened To Jamal Edwards?

The music entrepreneur Jamal Edwards died from a heart attack after taking cocaine and drinking alcohol, a coroner has concluded. Edwards, a YouTube star who helped launch the careers of Ed Sheeran, Dave and Skepta, died in February aged 31.

Is Jamal Edwards Rich?

The world’s best British entrepreneur “Jamal Edwards” has a net worth of $355 Million. According to various online resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB), the most popular British entrepreneur Jamal Edwards estimated net worth of around $355 Million.

What Is Jamal Edwards Famous For?

Jamal Edwards earned fame by establishing new music platform SBTV – and helped launch huge UK music careers including Dave and Jessie J. In early 2022, his manager said Jamal Edwards died in the early hours of Sunday, February 20.

Did Jamal Edwards Have Sickle Cell?

His death had been treated as non-suspicious and no trauma was found to either party according to a Met Police statement, and Edwards’ GP also confirmed that while he had traits of sickle cell disease, he was not on any regular medication.

How Rich Is Jamal Edwards?

The world’s best British entrepreneur “Jamal Edwards” has a net worth of $355 Million.

How Did Jamal Edwards Help Ed Sheeran?

Edwards was the founder of SBTV, a music platform that assisted Sheeran’s rise in the music industry in the early 2010s.


So, above you, have read about the cause of the death of Jamal Edwards in detail. When he died, he was just 31 years old. He was a multitasking and all-rounder guy. He wrote the book, launched the application, raised funds for the application, directed the music, and signed to RadicalMedia as a director. He didn’t stop here, securing funding from Google and the Wellcome Trust, in 2019 was a great achievement as a young founder. So, this was all about Jamal Edwards cause of death.

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What did Jamal Edwards die from

Did Jamal Edwards die from a ‘heart attack’?