What Is Bi Cast Leather? Bi Cast Leather Uses

If you want to choose leather products wisely then you must know what is bi cast leather in detail. You will know whether it is a good leather alternative or not? As I will explain several features of the bi-cast leather in this post. While reading the points you will understand how this leather is crafted, what are its uses, etc. So without making any delay we will move further and read about what is bi cast leather quickly.

What Is Bi-Cast Leather?

Bi-cast leather is the type of leather that is obtained after splitting up the real leather. It is also pronounced as bycast leather. However, it contains a very low percent of real leather in it. A layer of polyurethane or vinyl is embossed on the leather material to produce a product looking similar to genuine leather. 

Bi-Cast leather is also called leatherette, reconstituted leather, or laminated leather due to its resemblance and making process. The process of bi cast leather what is it composed of is given below.

Uses Of Bicast Leather

Below I have described uses of what is bi-cast leather upholstery and apparel.

  1. Upholstery

In the upholstery products like sofas, couches, soft padded pillows, etc bi cast leather is used.

  1. Apparels

Items like leather shiny jackets, glossy shoes, belts, handbags are made using bi-cast leather.

After reading what is bi cast leather upholstery and apparel uses you must have got a basic idea however, below I have described more important points. Let us see how is bi cast leather real leather actually and how it is processed in the following, to understand what materials go inside this laminated leather.

How Bicast Leather Is Made?

Bi Cast leather is made by the following method

  1. In the first step thin layers of leather of what is bi-cast split leather are obtained.
  2. The thinnest layer of the leather is used further
  3. It is covered with the polyurethane layer 
  4. The final step is embossing to pack the leather with the other coating.

Is Bi Cast Leather Good?

The quality of the bicast leather vs faux leather is good because the bicast leather contains some amount of real leather in it. Whereas, faux leather, PU leather is synthetic leather with a coating on it. There is an important thing to know what is the difference between bonded leather that is the amount of real and synthetic leather used. The bonded leather is stuck with the superglue with multiple synthetic layers and artificial leather layers.

What Is The Durability Of Bi-Cast Leather?

The bi cast leather durability is less as compared to real genuine leather. The reason behind it is the bi-cast vinyl leather coat layer which cracks down with time. However, if it is handled carefully then it can be maintained in good condition. So let us see below lifehack on how does bicast leather peel off process is prevented easily.

Tips To Protect Bicast Leather

Don’t worry if you have a bicast leather product at your home, as below I have described tips on how to clean bi cast leather and protect it properly.

  • The first tip is to apply a layer of bicast protector, which will help in preventing the cracking and peeling of the upper coating.
  • Always clean the surface with a soft cloth very gently without causing friction.
  • You should only use bicast leather cleaner and no other cleaners.
  • Avoid applying the oils and waxes to prevent chemical reactions between coating.

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What Is Bi Cast Leather And Is It Durable?

Bi-cast leather is one of the leather types prepared by embossing the thin split real leather and layer of polyurethane. It is durable for around 5 years but will start cracking and peeling after multiple uses and rough use.

Does Bi Cast Leather Peel?

Yes, bi-cast leather peels after their durability period are completed. The upper layer comes disrupts from the bi-cast leather in the form of cracks, holes, tears as well as peeling off.

How Long Will Bicast Leather Last?

The bicast leather will long last around a duration of 5 to 7 years and after it may start peeling or deteriorating.

Is Bicast Leather The Same As Faux Leather?

No. bicast leather is not the same as faux leather, as both have composed of different layers of material. In bicast leather real leather is used and in faux leather synthetic material is used.

What Is The Highest Quality Leather?

Full grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather that money can buy. It comes from the top layer of the hide and includes all of the natural grain. It is more expensive for manufacturers to buy and more difficult for them to work with.

Can Bicast Leather Be Repaired?

Common problems for this type of leather include PEELING of the finish, BUBBLING, TEARS and CRACKING of the finish. Our Bycast Leather Repairs Kits and Leather Repair Filler kits can fix ALL of these issues.


Today we learned what is bi cast leather and how it can be identified easily. You came to know a big difference between real and bicast leatherette. Now you have an idea about what are the uses of bicast leather and how it is prepared. I told you how durable is the leather bicast products. You understood what tips will keep bicast leather good. All your doubts related to what is bi cast leather is resolved now.

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