What Is An AR-10?

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The AR-10, often overshadowed by its more popular sibling, the AR-15, holds a significant place in the world of firearms. In this detailed guide, we explore the AR-10, its specifications, notable variations, and how it distinguishes itself in the realm of modern sporting rifles.

What Is An AR-10?

The AR-10, or ARmalite Rifle 10, is a large-caliber, magazine-fed rifle designed by Eugene Stoner in the late 1950s. It represents a precursor to the AR-15 and is known for its robust build, reliable performance, and the capability to fire larger cartridges.

What Caliber Is An AR-10?

The AR-10 is typically chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester), making it a formidable rifle with greater stopping power compared to the smaller caliber AR-15. This larger caliber contributes to its effectiveness in long-range engagements.

AR-10 Vs. AR-15: Deciphering The Differences

While both rifles share a similar design lineage, the AR-10 and AR-15 differ in several key aspects:

  • Caliber: The most notable difference is the caliber. The AR-10 fires the larger 7.62mm rounds, whereas the AR-15 typically fires 5.56mm NATO rounds.
  • Size and Weight: The AR-10 is generally larger and heavier than the AR-15, reflecting its ability to accommodate the larger cartridges.
  • Recoil: Due to the larger caliber, the AR-10 generally produces more recoil than the AR-15, impacting factors such as accuracy and follow-up shots.

What Is An AR-10 Chambered In?

The AR-10 is chambered in various calibers, but the most common is the 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester). This caliber provides a good balance between power and range, making the AR-10 suitable for diverse applications, including hunting and precision shooting.

AR-10 .308 Sniper Rifle: Precision And Power

The AR-10, particularly when chambered in .308, has earned recognition as a capable sniper rifle. Its accuracy, paired with the powerful .308 Winchester round, makes it a formidable choice for precision shooters and military applications.

Notable AR-10 Variations: Ruger And Daniel Defense

Several manufacturers produce AR-10 variants, each with unique features. The Ruger AR-10 offers a reliable and affordable option, while the Daniel Defense AR-10 is known for its premium build quality and precision components. Choosing the right variant depends on individual preferences and specific use cases.

AR-10 Vs. AR-15 Reddit Debates: Community Insights

Online forums, especially Reddit, host numerous debates comparing the AR-10 and AR-15. While opinions vary, common themes include the AR-10’s superior stopping power and long-range capabilities, offset by factors like increased recoil and weight.

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AR-10 Pistol: Compact Power

In recent years, the AR-10 platform has expanded to include pistol configurations. An AR-10 pistol retains the power of the larger caliber while offering a more compact and maneuverable package, suitable for various shooting applications.

AR10 Upper: Customization And Flexibility

One of the advantages of the AR platform, including the AR-10, is its modular design. Users can easily swap out the upper receiver to change calibers or enhance specific features, adding a layer of customization and adaptability to the rifle.

AR-18: An Earlier Relative

The AR-18, designed by Eugene Stoner before the AR-10, shares some design features with its larger counterpart. While less prevalent, the AR-18 influenced subsequent firearm designs and showcased Stoner’s innovative approach to rifle construction.


In conclusion, the AR-10 stands as a robust and powerful rifle with a storied history. Whether used for precision shooting, hunting, or as a customizable platform for enthusiasts, the AR-10’s larger caliber sets it apart in the world of modern sporting rifles.


What Is The Difference Between An AR-15 And A AR-10?

AR-10 rifles are designed to fire full-sized 7.62×51 ammo, whereas the AR-15 are initially chambered for smaller . 223/5.56 ammunition. As a direct successor, AR-15 shares several interchangeable parts with the AR-10, such as triggers, buffer tubes, gas tubes, pins and springs.

Is An AR-10 The Same As A 308?

Easily differentiated from the LR308, the AR10 has an angular cut on the upper receiver’s lower right side before the buffer tube housing, where the LR308’s is rounded. Really serving no functional purpose, this was the patented design by Eugene Stoner in 1958.

Is An AR-10 A Good Sniper Rifle?

The AR10 fires the NATO standardized 7.62x51mm cartridge in detachable box magazines that hold 20 rounds each. If you’re looking for an awesome sniper shooting experience with a lightweight gun, the AR10 is the perfect option. Come get the ultimate shooting experience at The Range 702.

Is AR-10 Good For Self Defense?

As a result, long arms in general are not good home defense weapons. Also, if you fire an AR-10 in your house it is probably going to go through the wall a may hit a family member or go into a neighbors house. A handgun of a frame and caliber that you can handle well is a much better bet.

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