What Is A Santoku Knife Used For?

Have you ever wondered what is a santoku knife used for? Is it different from a regular chef’s knife? What’s the difference in their blade? Wait…calm down a little! The word Santoku is a Japanese word that means three virtues. So, today, we will find out what is a santoku knife used for in the kitchen. Most professional chefs often hunt for excellent durability and high corrosion resistance knives. Here, I have even shared the comparison between the santoku knife vs nakiri knife along with the chef knife. Let’s carve in to know more about what is a santoku knife used for in detail.

What Is A Santoku Knife Used For?

A Santoku knife is used for doing the following tasks in the kitchen.

  • Slicing

This is an excellent knife for slicing as its blades are flatter. Its small curved edges help the user to create thin food slices.

  • Dicing

Most Santoku knives have a blade angle of 10 to 15 degrees. This allows the chef to dice the food more precisely.

  • Chopping

Santoku knives were literally created for chopping! The extreme sharpness of the knife’s blade allows the user to cut through the food uniformly.

In simple words, you can use this knife for slicing, dicing, chopping, or cutting fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, meat, and kinds of seafood. As you have now understood what is a small santoku knife used for, let’s compare it with chef and nakiri knives.

Santoku Knife Vs Chef Knife Vs Nakiri Knife

Here, I have broken down this comparison chart into three smaller sections.

  • Characteristic Features

The basic features of santoku, chef, and nakiri knives are as follows.

Characteristic Santoku Knife Chef Knife Nakiri Knife
Origination Japan  Germany and France Japan
Use Fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese, and meat Denser meats, fruits, herbs, and root vegetables Vegetables and fruit
Cutting Action Slicing, rocking or straight up and down Rocking motion Straight up and down
Design of Blade Has straight edges along with long, thin, rounded tip Is broad and tapered in shape that curves upward to form a tip. Has straight, long, thin, squared edges
Length of the Blade About 5-7 inches About 8-10 inches About 5-7 inches
Sharpness Total 20-30 degrees Total 15 to 30 degrees Total 28-34 degrees
Edge grid Double, as well as single bevel, Comes in serrated (sawtooth) varieties Double bevel
Handle Design Has no bolster Has a bolster Has a bolster
Weight  6.5 to 8.5 ounces 5 ounces 7.5 to 9.4 ounces
Price Slightly expensive Slightly expensive Less expensive

NOTE: Here, bolster is a piece of metal present between the blade and handle.

  • Sharpening Technique

If you give the right kind of care to your knives, they will last for a longer period of time. Santoku, Chef, and Nakiri knives must be cleaned with a soft, clean towel. For sharpening the Santoku knife, you need to use a whetstone to get a greater, sharper edge. Whereas for Chef’s knife, you can use a steel honing rod for sharpening its edges. While for Nakiri knife, you can either use a whetstone, steel honing rod, or a ceramic mug to sharpen its edges.

  • Blade Material

One can easily differentiate between Santoku, Chef, and Nakiri knives by simply looking at the blade material. Most Santoku knives are made up of high-carbon Japanese steel. On the other hand, Chef’s knives blades are made up of ThyssenKrupp German stainless steel. Last but not the least, Nakiri knife blades are of high carbon stainless steel made in France.

Best Santoku Knife To Buy

To finish off, I have noted down some best Santoku knives available in the markets.

  1. Global G-48 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife
  2. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Santoku Knife
  3. Wusthof Classic Santoku Knife
  4. Miyabi Birchwood Santoku Knife
  5. Shun Premier 7-inch Santoku Knife

Note: Santoku knife price range differs on different websites.

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What Is The Point Of A Santoku Knife?

The main point of a Santoku knife is to do a variety of cutting tasks such as cutting, slicing, chopping, and dicing.

Can You Use A Santoku Knife To Cut Meat?

Yes, you can definitely use a Santoku knife for cutting meat and other foodstuffs.

Can A Santoku Knife Replace A Chef’s Knife?

No, a santoku knife can never be replaced by chef knives.

What Is A Chef Knife Used For?

A chef knife is used for chopping and dicing foods such as denser meats, fruits, herbs, and root vegetables.

What Is A Hollow Edge Santoku Knife Used For?

A hollow edge Santoku knife is used for chopping and slicing foods such as seafood, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese, and meat.

What Knives Do Gordon Ramsay Use?

Gordon Ramsay uses both Wüsthof and Henckels branded knives; the brands are known for quality products, and they are two of the best knife manufacturers in the world. Wüstoff has been making knives since 1814, and Henckels has been around since 1895.

What Foods Do You Cut With A Santoku Knife?

The best uses for a Santoku knife

  • Cutting meat.
  • Slicing cheese.
  • Slicing, chopping or dicing fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • Mincing meat or herbs.
  • Scooping food off a cutting board due to wide blade.
  • Creating fine slices, particularly useful for vegetables and seafood.

Do You Need Both A Santoku And A Chef’s Knife?

Although both are considered multipurpose tools for slicing, dicing, and mincing fruits, vegetables and herbs, the chef’s knife is a must when it comes to preparing proteins as it has the length and heft for cutting through thick slabs of meat and even bones. while the Santoku is often the go-to for fish.


From the above article, we got to know what is a Santoku knife used for in cooking. Santoku knives are manufactured and designed for special purposes. The key role of the Santoku knife is to slice, dice, and chop foodstuffs. You can use this knife for cutting fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, nuts, herbs, fish, and other kinds of seafood. However, you can also pair a chef’s knife or Nakiri knife along with a Santoku knife. All three of them are great for multi-purpose kitchen work. Once you understand what is a Santoku knife used for, you can find the exact knife you’re looking for!

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