What Is Coon Hunting?

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What Is Coon Hunting?

Coon hunting is a popular outdoor activity that involves pursuing and capturing raccoons with specially trained dogs. It has a rich history in American culture and is enjoyed by many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

History Of Coon Hunting

Coon hunting has been practiced in North America since the early 1700s when European settlers brought their hunting traditions with them. The activity gained popularity in the 1800s when coon hunting became a way for rural communities to bond and share their skills and knowledge.

In the early days, coon hunting was primarily done with hounds and lanterns. Hunters would shine a light on a tree where a raccoon was believed to be hiding, and then release their dogs to tree the raccoon. Over time, coon hunting evolved with the use of more advanced equipment, including GPS tracking devices and specialized collars for dogs.

Coon Hunting Techniques

Coon hunting requires a combination of skills, including tracking, navigation, and hunting. Hunters must be able to read their dogs‘ signals and understand the habits and behaviors of raccoons. They also need to be able to navigate through unfamiliar terrain and work together as a team to capture their quarry.

Modern coon hunting typically involves the use of specially trained dogs, such as Coonhounds, which have an acute sense of smell and the ability to track raccoons over long distances. These dogs are trained to tree the raccoon by barking loudly, alerting the hunter to its location.

In addition to using dogs, coon hunting also requires specialized equipment such as flashlights, tracking collars, and hunting vests. Many hunters also use calls to attract raccoons and other animals.

Coon Hunting Regulations

Coon hunting is regulated by state and local governments, with varying rules and regulations depending on the location. In some areas, hunting licenses are required, and there may be restrictions on hunting seasons and bag limits. Hunters need to familiarize themselves with local laws and regulations to ensure they’re following the appropriate guidelines.


Coon hunting is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. With a rich history in American culture, coon hunting requires a combination of skills and specialized equipment. While it’s important to follow regulations and guidelines, coon hunting can be a fun and rewarding way to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

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What Do People Do With The Coons They Hunt?

Raccoon pelts are also valuable and are often used to make coats or rugs. There was a time when raccoon pelts would sell for $30 each. However, the demand for raccoon pelts has decreased in recent years. Coon hunters typically hunt raccoons for their pelts from November to February.

Why Did They Hunt Coons?

In the mid-to-late 1800s, coons were hunted primarily for their pelts. A fair price for a pelt in 1885 was 25 cents. When raccoon coats became popular in the 1920s, prices for pelts rose, leading to an increase in hunting and trapping. During the Depression, raccoon hunting was a source of food as well as income.

Is Coon Hunting A Sport?

Coon hunting is a unique sport and once you go on a coon hunt, you will either love it or hate it. Most people consider it to be pretty addictive for the hunter and the dog. When most folks are settling down for the night and unwinding around the television your typical coon hunter is just getting started.

Does Coon Hunting Affect Deer?

A few years ago the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources teamed up with Clemson University to do a study on deer movement about coolhunting with hounds. The results showed that the hounds did not affect the deer movement. So don’t worry, your deer will not go anywhere!


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