What Is A Mosquito Eater?

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When the warmer months arrive, so do various insects, and among them is a mysterious creature known as the “mosquito eater.” Despite its name, this insect doesn’t actually eat mosquitoes. In this blog, we’ll explore what a mosquito eater really is, its true identity, and its role in the ecosystem.

What Is A Mosquito Eater?

The term “mosquito eater” is a common misnomer for a group of insects that belong to the family Tipulidae, commonly known as crane flies. These large, long-legged insects often resemble oversized mosquitoes, leading to the misconception that they feed on mosquitoes. However, this is far from the truth. Crane flies are entirely harmless to humans and are not predators of mosquitoes.

Crane Flies: The True Identity

Crane flies are members of the order Diptera, which includes true flies. They are distinct from mosquitoes, which belong to the family Culicidae. While they may look somewhat similar due to their slender bodies and long legs, crane flies do not share the same feeding habits or ecological roles as mosquitoes.

Characteristics Of Crane Flies

Crane flies have several distinguishing characteristics:

  1. Size: They are generally larger than mosquitoes, with some species having a wingspan of up to 3 inches.
  2. Habitat: Crane flies are commonly found in moist environments, such as wetlands, meadows, and gardens.
  3. Diet: Adult crane flies do not feed on mosquitoes or other insects. In fact, they primarily feed on nectar, if they feed at all. Some species may not feed as adults and focus solely on reproduction.
  4. Lifecycle: The larval stage of crane flies, often referred to as “leatherjackets,” feeds on decaying organic matter, plant roots, and soil fungi. They play a role in nutrient cycling.

The Mosquito Eater Misconception

The misnomer “mosquito eater” likely originated from a misunderstanding of the insect’s true habits. Crane flies neither consume mosquitoes nor play a significant role in mosquito control. Mosquitoes have different life stages, habitats, and feeding behaviors compared to crane flies.

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The Importance Of Crane Flies

While crane flies may not eat mosquitoes, they do have ecological significance. The larvae of some crane fly species are detritivores, meaning they help break down and recycle organic matter in the ecosystem. This process contributes to soil health and nutrient cycling. Additionally, crane flies serve as a food source for various predators, including birds and spiders.


The mystery of the “mosquito eater” has now been unraveled. Crane flies, often mistaken for mosquito predators, are harmless insects that play their own unique roles in the ecosystem. While they may not be beneficial in controlling mosquito populations, they contribute to the balance of nature in other ways, primarily as decomposers and as a food source for various wildlife. The next time you encounter a crane fly, you can appreciate it for its ecological role rather than expecting it to save you from mosquitoes.


What Do Mosquito Eaters Actually Do?

So, the burning question remains: Do mosquito eaters eat mosquitoes? Ironically, they don’t even eat mosquitoes. They don’t eat anything except maybe nectar, but it is rare. However, they do help pollinate plants, feed other wildlife, and help decompose rotting vegetation quickly.

What Happens If A Mosquito Eater Bites You?

While many people call them “mosquito eaters” or “mosquito hawks,” they are actually crane flies. And unfortunately, they do not eat mosquitoes. Many reports claim that they bite or sting, and this is also false. The adults are harmless and many species don’t even have mouthparts to feed at all!

Why Do They Call Them Mosquito Eaters?

One such creature is a long-legged, winged insect with a bumbling flight path and a wispy, delicate frame. It’s called a crane fly, but many people refer to it as a mosquito eater. The nickname comes from the long-held belief that it preys on mosquitoes.

Do Mosquito Eaters Actually Eat Mosquitoes?

Mosquito eaters do not eat mosquitoes. They do, however, eat mosquito larvae during their larval stage, but only occasionally. Their main source of sustenance is flower nectar. While they’re bigger than mosquitoes, they are physically incapable of killing the bloodsuckers.

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