The Secret Guide To Pink Formal Dresses

Pink is one of the most versatile colors. When we usually think of pink, we think of either florals and spring or fluorescent and sparkles. However, there is a delicate and graceful thin line in between, which when played right, can make your statement color and make you stand out at formal occasions.

Here is a comprehensive guide to finding how to work a pink formal dress at office events, and stand out in a way that makes heads turn but doesn’t seem tacky.

Choose a softer palette

It is a good idea to go for the softer pinks, like rose and carnation. They are understated and can be a wonderful color to play around with. Soft pinks are a safe choice for everyone, irrespective of their skin tone, and they always look delicate and professional.

Feeling Brave? Go bold

The other alternative for a pink formal dress would be to go for muted, deeper shades of pink such as dusty pink and foxy pink. This is especially good for nighttime events. If you have yellow undertones, it will bring out your skin in a glowing manner.

Choose the right fabric

Picking out the right fabric for your pink formal dress will do wonders for the color you choose. A satin dress or shirt will make the pink look velvety and rich. A crisp cotton shirt with a skirt will make you appear professional but also give your appearance a certain edge. If you want brighter pink shades, choose a silk shirt that gives you a nice defined silhouette.

Accessorize with pink

If bright pink is your way to go, then why not incorporate it into your outfit? Pick a statement handbag or earrings and amp up your outfit. Accessories in bright colors add that much-needed charm to your outfit.

Play with patterns

You can choose a good shirt with floral patterns on it, or a skirt. If you choose a dress, you can look for something with embellishments on it, in small amounts.

Play around with other colors

Color blocking can be a good way to make the most out of your outfit. If you are wearing a pink gown, go for silver or some complementing-coloured heels. Another good idea can be to complement your outfit with a statement handbag or a clutch.

Choose a statement piece

When you are wearing a nice pink formal dress and feel like it is missing something, you can accessorize it with signature jewelry.

A gold-toned chunky bracelet will go very well with your dress.

Go classy

If you are still unsure about how to go with your pink shades, you can always take the classy route, choose a good gown, and pair it with stilettos. Make sure your makeup is suitable. If it’s a night affair, go for something matte, and if it is a brunch or a day event, dewy and glossy makeup will enhance your look.

Play with your silhouette

When you are picking a dress or a shirt, you should make sure it accentuates your body and brings out your curves. There is a way of getting classy with your looks and making sure you look your best.

Make sure the pink goes with your skin tone

When you are choosing the shade of pink, you need to make sure it goes well with your skin tone. There is a wide assortment of pink shades that you can pick from. It should be subtle, but it should also make you the center of attention.

Add a blazer

If you are worried about your dress being too revealing or not office-party-appropriate, you can always pair it up with a blazer or a shrug. To give your body an outline, you can also cinch it at the waist with a complementing belt. This way, your party wear can be turned into a pink formal dress.

Know your seasonal shades

Depending on which season your party is in, you can create a color palette for your outfit. Accessorize using items in the same color family as your outfit to further emphasize your color blocking. If you’re wearing a pink formal dress, you might accessorize with bright red accessories during the summer or deep violet items in the fall and winter.


These are some tips that will help you with your pink dress at a formal event. There are multiple ways to create a statement, even if it is a black-tie event.

We hope these tips help you make a statement at your office party. Pink is always in and is a timeless color. Play it right and you will be the life of the party.